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Welcome to my website.

My name is David Field and I am married with two daughters. One is a lecturer in animal behaviour at Moulton College, the other is a qualified Veterinary nurse and animal behaviourist.
       My parents have bred and showed Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, for forty years and have judged all over the world. Dad retiring from judging in 2007 after judging dog Cavaliers at Crufts.

       I decided in my early twenties to leave the show ring for a while and started training gundogs. I have competed in Field trials for a number of years and have been lucky enough to win with a number of dogs, mainly Labradors but including a Golden Retriever. I am an 'A' Panel Judge, judging at Field trials, and have had the honour recently of visiting the Czech Republic, France, Hungary and Austria in a judging capacity.

       I do a limited amount of training for other people, either taking their dogs from raw novice to trained dog, or doing short refresher courses to ensure the dogs are ready for the shooting season.
       I also hold training classes for all retrieving breeds, including 'Flatcoats' 'Irish Water Spaniels' and 'Hunt Point Retrieve' breeds. These can be one to one private lessons or group classes.

       My kennel is small, and is aimed at breeding and training sensible working gundogs. I aim to undertake the tests for the relevant breeds, but all the dogs must be able to do a days work and be of sound temperament.

       I have a dream and an objective of trying to breed traditional strong typical Labradors, which can still fulfil a day’s work in the shooting field.

       I also have a small kennel of Italian Spinones and Flatcoat Retievers, that help compliment my picking up team as well as holding their own in the show ring.
       The full circle for me, started showing, moved to only working, now trying to combine the two elements with the same dogs.

Mobile: 07807 612135